Windows Mobile Transfer

Windows Mobile Transfer is a package which contains two hot sell software - one is SMS Transfer, another is Contacts Transfer. So with this powerful Windows Mobile Transfer package, you are able to backup and restore text messages and contacts between windows mobile phone and computer easily.


If you want to make a copy backup for your windows mobile phone; If you want to upgrade to a new phone; If you want to reset your phone to default setting; Then this Windows Mobile Transfer is your best choice! Please backup all your personally information before they are lost. Windows Mobile Transfer help you transfer all your sms and contacts (address books) to computer and restore them backup later.




Guide One: How to Use SMS Transfer?

First of all, free download this Windows Mobile Transfer, double click exe. file and run it on your computer.


Step 1: Transfer the SMS backup file from your mobile phone to computer by ActiveSync first. Then run the "SMSTransferManager.exe " from the zip file folder on your computer.

Step 2:Click “File”—>”Import” in this Windows Mobile Transfer and select the backup file to import your sms message to the SMS Transfer Manager.


Now, you can see the sms in your pc as just in your mobile phone.


Step3: Also, you could select a certain contact to view all the sms chat with him (her)



Guide Two : How to Use this Contact Transfer?

First of all, download this Windows Mobile Transfer, double click exe. file and run it on your computer.


Step 1: Firstly,you use Contacts Transfer to backup your contacts into a .cts file in your mobile phone.
Step 2: Transfer the contacts backup file(*.cts) from your mobile phone to your computer by ActiveSync. Then run the 'Contacts Manager.exe' on your computer. Simply click 'File' -> 'Import'.

Step 3: Then you will see there is a popup window. You can simply select a contacts backup file which you wanna edit or view and then click 'open'.


Step 4: Now all contacts you selected are imported into Contacts Manager. See as the following screenshot:


Step 5: Edit the contacts information, set photo and ringtones for every contact as you like.
Double Click on which contact you wanna edit, then an edit screen will popup, see as follows screenshot:


Step 6: Output your edited contacts as .cts Backup File and restore back to your phone.
You can export the contacts to a “.cts” backup file (*.cts) by Clicking the 'Export' option. This backup file can be restored back to and read as contacts in your window mobile phone .


Key Features of Windows Mobile Transfer


Backup and restore contacts, including sim card contacts and mobile contacts;

Backup and restore text message for windows mobile;

Support backup and restore SMS and Contacts to text file(*.txt); 

Transfer SMS and Contacts from mobile to computer;

Including an application for windows pc to view,edit and print SMS and Contacts;

Support set photo and ringtone for contacts on computer directly;

Support unlimited SMS and Contacts backup / restore;

Fast backup and restore speed;

Easy to use - 3 click to finish the backup or restore job;

Fully support Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

Fully support VGA and WVGA Screen. (Such as HTC Touch HD 2,Pro 2,Diamond 2) 


Free download this Windows Mobile Transfer and have a try!