Edit SWF

Edit SWF is a multifunctional software which interface is like Flash software. SWF File Edit supports full range of Flash versions and you can create a new flash files and edit flash video at your will by using this terrific Edit SWF Files.


Edit SWF. supports ActionScript, it is also very convenient for you to use built-in templates and animated effects. Edit SWF Freeware can help you convert all flash video into other popular video formats, such as MOV, MPEG, AVI and so on. Welcome to free download this Edit SWF and you will see how amazing it is.




Tutorial: How to Edit SWF Files?


This tutorial touches on the absolute basics of using SWF Editor, including create motion tween, create movie clip and arrange them on the canvas.

Step1 : Prepared work. Download angel.gls and 1600_177.jpg. Then Select file>Import to library. The two files can now be listed in library.

Step2: Create a bright trail to tone up mystery.
1. Press Ctrl+F8 to create a movie clip symbol, name it trail. Hit Ok to enter following movie clip editing mode and draw a bright trail.


2. In frame1, make the bright trail shorter. Hit F6 to insert a keyframe in frame25, make it longer. Right-click frame1 to choose create motion tween.

Step3: Design background.
We are going to arrange the meteors in the sky.
1. Click Scene1 in timeline. Drag 1600_177.jpg from library. Set its size in transform panel: width: 400; height: 300. Move it to cover the canvas.
2. Drag movie clip to the canvas six times, and then you get six bright trail, arrange them like the sample.


Step4: See the angle disappear in the sky.
1. Drag the angel.gls from library, place it outside the canvas. Hit F6 to insert a keyframe in frame25, select angle.swf and place it on the centre of the canvas.
2. Hit F6 to insert a keyframe in frame50. Select transform tool and change the angel to a small point.
3. Right-click frame25 and choose create motion tween.
4. Click preview button to see your presentation.


Detailed Information of Edit SWF Free

  • 1 Can I import .swf file into Edit SWF? Yes, you can import .swf file into Edit SWF. Do either of the following:

    Choose File->Import, browse to the location of the .swf file on your hard drive, select it, and click "Open".

    Click the Import button from the ToolBar, browse to the location of the .swf file on your hard drive, select it, and click "Open". Right-click the .swf file and choose Edit SWF in the context dialog.


  • 2 Can I import several images into Edit SWF? es, you can. Do one of the following: Click File->Import, browse your hard drive, select image files (Shift + image file), and click Open; At the ToolBar, click the Import button, browse your hard drive, select image files, and click Open. Go to the Color Mixer panel, choose Bitmap in Fill Type drop-down menu. In the pop-up Export Image dialog, browse your hard drive, select image files, and click Open.


  • 3 Can I export a .swf file from Edit SWF? Yes, you can export a movie as a .swf file with Edit SWF. Do one of the following: Click File->Export>Export Movie; Press Ctrl+E; Click the Export Movie button at the ToolBar.
  • Edit elements of imported. *.swf files. Besides the ability to import a *.swf file, the program is also able to edit almost all of the elements of the imported *.swf file, that is, you can replace the elements of a *.swf Flash movie in your desired way without a *.fla file.


  • Support writing scripts code and editing the scripts of imported movie. Sothink SWF Quicker supports ActionScript 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Also it enables you to edit the script code of imported movie. ActionScript comes to you with frequently used script code which can help you fast editing.


  • Export Movie. After you import a SWF movie and finish modification, you can export the movie as a *.swf or *exe file as well. Also, the great SWF movie can be exported to movie format of Flash Lite V2.0-3.0, which can played on cell phone with ease.


  • Customize Text. By using the Text tool in the Tools panel, you can add horizontal text to any place in your movie. In the Text panel, you can customize all the properties of text, such as color, font, font size and URL link etc. Furthermore, you can give different color, font style, or URL link to a paragraph of text.