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Kindle is the most common E-book device. Indeed, Kindle is more and more popular among young people for its widescreen, more stylish appearance, longer battery life, and clearer images. As known to all, Kindle dose not backup ePub format, when we want to enjoy ePub on our Kindle, we'd better convert it. Here, we recommend you this brilliant software named Convert ePub to Kindle.


Whether your local e-books is in the format of text, HTML or ePub, owning this Convert ePub to Kindle, you can conveniently convert them to kindle’s beloved mobi formats, that are easily and comfortably read by Kindle. Now, Convert ePub to Kindle can eliminate all your worries about the complexities involved in the other conversion styles and modes; with Convert ePub to Kindle, it is not necessary to own to much technical knowledge, you can easily convert their ePub files to Kindle’s .mobi format comfortably.

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Tutorial: How to Convert ePub to Kindle?


First of all, download this Convert ePub to Kindle, double click "exe" file and run it on your computer.

Launch and run it on your computer, then load your ePub files to this software.

Check "Convert ePub files to Kindle" . Then click button "Next" and go to next step.


Import ePub files.

We can load your original ePub files into this ePub to Kindle converter by clicking this button "Add Files", then, your ePub files will automatically show in input files area of this software, after these necessary steps, please click button "Next" in the bottom of main interface.


Select output directory.

After clicking button "Next", we will see output directory interface. In this step, please click "Browse" to find a output folder to save your converted files. Then as above steps, we click "Next" to continue it.



Now, we will see the conversion progress, only wait a few minutes, conversion will finish. Here, we have a good impression of this software and realize significance of conversion.


Key Features


* Convert ePub to Kindle calibre supports Kindle 2, Kindle 3, Kindle DX, All other supported mobi format Reader.

* Converts ePub files to Kindle friendly .mobi format

* Step by Step user friendly interface

* The batch conversion mode simplifies the procedure of the ePub to Kindle’ conversions

* Extremely easy and convenient to use which involves just a few clicks and no hassles

* Highest quality output with the added benefit of superfast speed

* Supports all the popular ePub, OPF, Text, HTML formats like PNG, GIF, TEXT, SHTML, JPG, XML, HTML and many more



1 What can I do with this convert ePub to Kindle format?

 With this software you can convert ePub to Kindle, HTML, XML, Images to Kindle


2 What are the differences between this software and similar programs?

This convert epub to kindle calibre is more powerful than other similar software, and very simple to use.


3 What are the differences between the trial version and registered version?

In trial version, you can only use this software within 15 times. And if you have the registered one after you paid for it, we will always provide you the free upgrade to our newest version and the best after sell services.