Contacts Transfer

Contacts Transfer is an application designed for mobile phone running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0/6.1/6.5. Contacts Transfer can transfer contacts from cell phone to pc; Transfer contacts both contain sim card contacts and mobile memory contacts; Export contact as text file(*.txt), excel and outlook file(*.csv), pc data file(*.cts) and vCard file(*.vcf); Backup contacts customize ringtones and photos. In a word, you could use Contacts Transfer to manager your mobile contacts on PC and transfer to other phone.


Many Windows Mobile Phone users find it is tedious to manager mobile contacts. Especially when the phone is lost,broken or reset, so they have to add contacts one by one on the phone again. Now Contacts Transfer offers a full contacts transfer solution to transfer all contacts for Windows Mobile Phones.Also you could use this software to add contacts on pc first and then transfer to mobile later. Because adding contacts on pc is more convenient than on mobile as we know




Tutorial: How to Use this Contact Transfer?

Download this Contacts Transfer, double click exe. file and run it on your computer.


Step 1: Firstly,you use Contacts Transfer to backup your contacts into a .cts file in your mobile phone.
Step 2: Transfer the contacts backup file(*.cts) from your mobile phone to your computer by ActiveSync. Then run the ' Contacts Manager.exe' on your computer. Simply click 'File' -> 'Import'.

Step 3: Then you will see there is a popup window. You can simply select a contacts backup file which you wanna edit or view and then click 'open'.


Step 4: Now all contacts you selected are imported into Contacts Manager. See as the following screenshot:


Step 5: Edit the contacts information, set photo and ringtones for every contact as you like.
Double Click on which contact you wanna edit, then an edit screen will popup, see as follows screenshot:


Step 6: Output your edited contacts as .cts Backup File and restore back to your phone
You can export the contacts to a “.cts” backup file (*.cts) by Clicking the 'Export' option. This backup file can be restored back to and read as contacts in your window mobile phone .


Edit Functions of Contacts Transfer


Contacts Transfer from windows mobile to pc;
Transfer both sim card contacts and mobile outlook contacts;
Switch contacts between sim card and mobile contacts;
Restore contacts to any other windows mobile phones;
Export contact as text file(*.txt), excel and outlook file(*.csv), pc data file(*.cts) and vCard file(*.vcf);
Sync contacts between windows mobile, iPhone, android phone, gmail, outlook;
Including an app for Windows PC to view,add,delete,modify and print contacts;
Save and restore contacts in case you break or lose your phone;
Backup contacts with photos and ringtones;
Fast backup and restore speed;
Easy to use;
Fully support Windows Mobile 5 and 6;
Fully VGA and WVGA Screen.


User's Comments


I aways use this software because it was available and cheapish, for me, the step-by-step guide help me a lot, so I appreciate this software and recommend it to you.


Free download this Contacts Transfer and have a try!